Herberg Godot

Marrum is one of the most beautiful of the terp villages in the north of Friesland.
The village has a terp that is pretty much unexcavated and has been lived on since the Middle Ages.
On the sea dike near Marrum there is an artwork by Ids Willemsma (known as “The Tray”) commemorating the raising of the dike to Delta height

And there is much more beauty to discover, especially by bike.
That is why we have bikes for rent. If you like this please let us know when you make the reservation.


There are a lot of cycling-tours that pass Marrum. One of them is the so-called and famous "Elfstedentocht".   


This route brings you, among others, to Dokkum .

‘In 754 Boniface was murdered in Dokkum.’ A fact known to every Dutch child who has paid attention during history classes. The name Dokkum is indissolubly bound up with the missionary who passed from time into eternity in Dokkum. But don’t let this knowledge scare you off: the oldest town but one in Friesland is currently known for its atmosphere and friendliness.

The layout of the streets in the old heart of the town has hardly changed since 1650.

In the environment of Marrum there are several mounts. The mound (a "terp" in Dutch) is a typical characteristic feature of the Friesian coast.
These mounds, which can be described as hand-made hills, protected the people and their cattle against flooding caused by the high tides.


And then there is of course the "Noorderleegh".  Peace and quiet and fresh air in abundance. The relaxed atmosphere and the hospitable residents give this place its unique charm.

Holwerd is, of course, best known for its pier built in 1872. It is from here that the boat sails to and from Ameland.

Ameland The Wadden diamont

And there is Leeuwarden! Proud capital of Fryslân. Hundreds of monuments, musea like jewels, the nicest of shops.